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My name is Doctor Edward Rahman, and I am a Spiritual Healer,High Black african Witch,spells caster&a psychic. I acquired spiritual powers(Voodoo powers) and healing abilities from my strong ancestral powers, i learned magic from many powerful mentors all around the world over the course of an entire lifetime. I set up this website to share my strong healing magic spells with you, so you can learn these amazing secrets. Unlock your inner magical energy and experience true love, money, power and success thanks to the power of real magic.Despite the fact that ,I am a Spiritual Healer ,I treat all ailments believed to be caused by witchcraft,I am able to solve all problems using my strong ancestral spiritual powers and the strong voodoo powers to encounter all your problems instantly.


Here are some of the problems i can help you solve;
Get back lost lover
Peaceful Divorce spells
Spells to help you get a lover of your choice
Wealth spells
Boost your career
Money spells(spells to make you rich)
Job spells(Get better paying jobs)
Win court cases
Spells to heal madness
I cleanse Bad luck
Spiritual Oil for luck and protection
And all problems people face in their day to day lives

For Help;
Call/Whatsapp +27638982712



After over 20years of successful casting and healing i have changed many peoples lives.Many people are facing a problem of poverty,some have business but they dont get customers to their satisfaction.Some people studied and they have all job qualifications but they dont get jobs,others have jobs but they not good jobs,they aren’t paid well,some dont get chances of promotion at work.Just be a believer wherever you are that i can change your life I have the powers to give you everlasting wealth, i can help you become successful,get good paying jobs,get job promotions,boost your business so that you get more customers.

For Assistance;
Call/Whatsapp +27638982712




Lost love is the most painful of all human experiences. When a marriage or relationship breaks down and you feel like love is lost you are left with a million regrets. You cant think straight, you are always thinking about him or her to come back. I can help you get him or her back.Love Spells include;

Do you have a troubled relationship?
You want your lover back to you?
Problems of a Cheating partner?
You want to fall into love with someone?
Can’t find your soul mate?
Your marriage is falling apart?
Attracted to someone who doesn’t care about you?
Fighting a lot with your spouse?
Having problems with someone who want your man or woman?
Trust issues, I am the solution for all these problems.
Get Ex Back Spell
Attraction Spell
Make Him Love Me Spell
Bring Back Lost Love Spell
Make Her Love Me Spell
Unbreakable Love Spell
Marriage Proposal Spell
Get More Sex Spell
Break Up Spell
Better Sex Spell



Money spells – Call/Whatsapp +27638982712

Do you want to have more money in your life? Maybe you need to manage your money better, or get a job promotion at work. Try one of our incredible money spells today.Money spells include;
Lottery Spell
Attract Money Spell
Get Out Of Debt Spell
Job Promotion Spell
Increase Savings Spell
Pay Rise Spell


ENERGY HEALING-Call/Whatsapp +27638982712

Energy Healing is a form of healing that manipulates, restores or balances the flow of energy in the body. The energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client, helping remove energy deficiencies and blockages, which then activates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Call/Whatsapp +27638982712



Protection spells – Protect yourself from curses, hexes, bad or negative energies, jealousy and evil in general with our protection spells.Protection spells include;

Protect your relationship

Anti-Reversal Spell
Defense Against Curse
Guardian Angel Spell
Ward Off Evil Spell
Negative Energy Shield Spell
House Protection Spell
Banish Nightmares Spell




Use these healing spells to cleanse your aura of evil daemons, free and clear your mind of negative thoughts and energies, and heal your spirit.Healing spells include;
Good Health SpellWeight Loss Spell
Banish Negative Energy Spell
Spirit Healing Spell
Healing Pain Spell
Cleanse Aura Spell
Pregnancy Spell

For Assistance; Call/Whatsapp +27638982712

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